Be Most Excellent…


“Be excellent to each other. And… PARTY ON, DUDES” (Abraham Lincoln San Dimas 1988)

At the age of eight I came across Bill and Ted, two fellow hapless idiots in life with a kick ass philosophy that did not involve incomprehensible books nor require the invention of angst by a Danish Dude. Bill and Ted had a simple message that I thought was the greatest thing ever when I was a kid. Namely that one’s goal in life was to be incredibly kind to others while simultaneously enjoying awesomely cool adventures. At the age of eight I had figured life out, or to put it another way ‘that movie had warped my fragile little mind’.  The following week I watched Star Wars for the first time and began to seriously contemplate a Jedi career path. Fast forward to my late twenties and I suspect that my eight year old self would be dismayed with where his life choices had taken him. My life is good at the moment, but I am somewhat alarmed at how quickly the impractical, silly, and foolish pursuits of life have been replaced with regular exercise, house price worries, and an unnatural passion for Timetables. To add to this my friends appear to be adopting practical habits even faster than I am. I used to be able to rely on my friends for foolhardy schemes and silly conversations, now they give useful advice on mortgages and host dinner parties that are hailed as refined and sophisticated. Said occasions feature, dips, candles, and take place in homes filled up with so much Ikea furniture that one could be forgiven for thinking a Nazi had decorated the place. Of course there is nothing wrong with practical pursuits, regular exercise has been a very positive change to my life (and I secretly love dinner parties). The problem is that in developing such useful practical habits the whole idea of swashbuckling shenanigans and spectacular adventures appears to have been jettisoned in the process.  Acting on the idea of developing efficient routines to get the most fun out of life, I appear to have actually got rid of the fun part. The whole point of this blog then is to change that, to rekindle the fun crazy and silly side of life. To accept that there are many areas where practical efficiency is great for my life but to simultaneously realize that there’s always space to be a part time Jedi too.

So having decided that a healthy dose of adventure was required to vanquish the monotony that had crept into my life, the key question then became so what now?  My immediate reaction was to think of travels to faraway lands and daring activities such as leaping out of a plane; however such thoughts were soon brought to a halt by my bank balance. I realized that I could probably afford at most four proper adventures within a year, briefly ignoring reality I fired up the computer and looked at the insanely cool stuff you could do in exchange for a pretty penny.  I found an endless array of awesomeness ranging from, ice hotels in Sweden, swimming with sharks, to the utterly bonkers bungee jump into an active volcano. I soon settled on three things to try with the hope of a fourth should the Gods allow it, they are as follows, skydiving, fire walking, and a trip to Venice. I now returned to the problem that three brief adventures, no matter how exciting, are no match for a dull routine. Faced with a giant gaping hole in my life that needed filling the next thought that sprang to mind was Whisky!


I had earlier given some thought to the fact that the silly and preposterous fripperies that I intended to engage in, would likely play havoc with my nerves. Thankfully dear reader I came upon the whisky solution. I had recalled that Ernest Shackleton hadn’t dared gone adventuring in the Antarctic without packing ample supplies of his favourite tipple (Mackinlay’s). I soon realized that I couldn’t possibly broach the subject of leading a more adventurous and exciting life without whisky.  I briefly entertained the thought that my line of reasoning in this matter was self-serving, given that I happened to be incredibly fond of whisky with or without life’s excitements. Fortunately such concerns were quickly ameliorated by the fine beverage in question. A few more drinks and I entered a sublime state of mind and soon realized that whisky was integral to all adventurous enterprises. In fact to be without it in such endeavours was to court disaster. It was thus my blogging duty to regularly inform my readers, who presumably were hell-bent on dangerous pursuits themselves, of the fine drams available to them. It then suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t actually solved the problem of not having enough activities to break up my monotonous routine. However looking on the bright side I realized that my train of thought had been a spectacular and indeed necessary dead end. I thus returned to my original difficulty with new energies.

The time it took me to find my answer was embarrassingly long, but who cares, this slow learner got there in the end. The answer to my difficulties was obvious, and luckily on my doorstep, London. Put millions of people in a small space teaming with endless possibilities and you will find endless opportunities for adventures. London is filled to the brim with interesting and bonkers things to do, but why would you do them I hear some people screaming. The answer to this question can be found a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… when a good friend of mine forced me to try laughter yoga out. Laughter Yoga is scientifically proven to be fantastic for you; it involves a person forcing themselves to laugh in order to produce lots of feel good chemicals. Despite this I have no wish to try it again. The key issue I had with laughter yoga is that it’s awkward, insanely awkward. However, and perhaps rather surprisingly, I do not regret trying it. Laughing out loud in public, with a group of strangers, in time to the theme tune from the movie Terminator, is an utterly magic way to find out you don’t want to do something ever again. The way I see it I could have discovered a great way to feel a lot better in my life, instead I found out I hated it and got a silly story in the process.  And that dear reader is the whole intention of this blog, to reintroduce the grown up me who likes timetable’s, to the pointless, nonsensical, and darn right stupendous parts of life.  Thus I hope you will join me for what promises to be some most excellent adventures.

Party on Dudes!!!!!!