The Geffrye Museum


In the hustle and bustle at the very heart of the city, one finds the Geffrye Museum to be a peaceful haven in a world of its own. This magnificent museum focuses on the history of homes and gardens; what’s more it’s completely free! It offers a spectacular journey across the ages, with eleven different rooms that take you through over three hundred years of history. I have always been fascinated by the odd and startling fashion trends which people bring to life by collectively mimicking one another. It is amazing how disparate developments in fashion can slowly come together to form a set of style laws, only for the particular formulation that has arisen to suddenly wane as something utterly different enters the scene from the wings. In this museum we find a lively series of rooms, that together display the sets of style laws, that have arisen, waned, and in the process fashioned London. The attention to detail within each room is remarkable. One can see that painstaking effort has been placed in selecting the items used in each room with all the elements involved combining beautifully.

In January 2018 this museum will close as part of a redevelopment project and won’t open again until early 2020. It really makes for a wonderful day out and thus I would implore you to visit before then.