The Sherlock Holmes Museum


There’s nothing quite like an attraction with a long winding queue to dampen ones adventurous spirits and make one mildly cranky. The only thing worse in fact is to stand in said queue for twenty minutes and then have a member of staff approach to inform you that you need to leave the queue in order to buy a ticket in the shop. This is precisely what happened to me when I went to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street. I can tell you that when I finally re-joined the queue from the very start, I was somewhat aggrieved, things went from bad to terrible when I suddenly realized I needed the toilet. I was now well past mildly cranky and into the nightmare realm of Grump Hog Day! So if you go, remember before you join the ginormous queue, go to the gift shop next to the entrance as that’s where you buy your ticket. Having groaned on a fair bit and hopefully elicited some small sympathy; allow me to get on with my review which is only slightly tinged by this considerable trauma.


The Sherlock Holmes museum is a delight. I’m a huge fan of Holmes and have very fond memories of reading the books at school during my formative years.  Like my trip to the Harry Potter studios, I found myself experiencing childlike wonder on entering a place so familiar to my imagination. Each room in this museum is beautifully put together with lots of small references to the books. One cannot help but think that Holmes and Watson did once reside here solving baffling mysteries in Victorian London. My favourite part of the museum is an inconspicuous book on the top floor. It contains letters to Holmes from all around the world that have been sent to 221B Baker Street. One or two were artistic, some had fictional mysteries, and my favourite from Gao Kun in China implored Holmes to give up his cocaine habit for the sake of his health. I have no doubt that a fair few of these letters are the result of teachers and there confounded homework assignments. Nevertheless it is absolutely astounding to see first-hand the joy a fictional creation can exert in the world.


The Sherlock Holmes Museum, is tiny, a little overpriced at £15 a ticket, and comes complete with a deadly queue. However despite all these detractions, as a huge fan I think the decision of whether to go or not is elementary my dear reader.



17 thoughts on “The Sherlock Holmes Museum”

  1. How cool, thanks for sharing. I’m saving several of your places – London is still a bucket list item for us (but I also want to visit the countrysides) – when we take International trips, I like to try and get the best of ‘both’ worlds. Just got back from Denmark and Finland (to visit BF’s) family and where he grew up. Denmark was our ‘city’ side and Finland we got to head out to the country.

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    1. I know what you mean about getting the best of both worlds, I often try to split my time between the city and the country on holidays too. I must say I’d be so thrilled if you ended up making a trip to somewhere due to my little blog 🙂 . In the case of this gem I think arriving early to beat the queue might be a good bet, it’s a wonderful small museum but I imagine if I was going several places in one day the length of time to get in might prove too much.


  2. I just visited the museum a couple weeks ago and wrote a blog about my visit. We had slightly different experiences. I was lucky that only 15-20 people were in the queue. I agree the price is quite steep for what you get. If you have time to read about my visit, I would love to hear your thoughts about my assessment.

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