Pure Imagination: Choccywoccydoodah!!!!!


Tucked away on a side street near Oxford Circus is one of London’s best hidden gems, the gloriously named Choccywoccydoodah is a mecca for those with a sweet tooth. Primarily a cake shop, it has some truly extraordinary creations in the window. How anyone can spend a fortune on a bog standard wedding cake, when they could have a Goth Rock Opera in the medium of sponge, I’ll never fathom. Fortunately in addition to the shop there is also a splendid café above, allowing us common folk to briefly sample something spectacular before returning to our bleak existence. I first heard about this place from an acquaintance at a party, who informed me that they ‘elevated chocolate to an art form’. In an instant I knew I had to give this place a whirl. Wasting no time, the very next day I woke up early, hopped on the tube, and hurtled towards sweet, sweet, oblivion.


I must insert an interlude at this point in my adventure dear reader and inform you of something most important. As you are aware I’m a great lover of hard liquor and if need’s be I can drink it by the bucket load. It will no doubt come as a surprise to you then, when I say that if I consume the merest soupcon of sugar, it precipitates within me the human equivalent of a thermonuclear reaction. In the world of cake and confectionery, I’m a lightweight. Suffice it to say when I came into contact with the slab of awesome pictured above, I became ecstatically silly. In fact as I left, I could be heard trumpeting at the top of my lungs ‘Cake for the Cake God’. I swear this is no exaggeration, to think I only ate half!


Now that you are aware of my weakness for sugar, which often exaggerates my already fantastical perspective of life, I shall return to my review. I LOVED this place!!! It was magical, whimsical, deliciousness, wrapped up in scrumdiddlyumptious goodness. The décor is warm and welcoming, the staff friendly, and the cakes, the cakes…  Oh My. That’s my review, seriously that two word sentence. I’ll say it again if you like. Oh My. It isn’t really, but part of me wished I had the guts just to put that. It says everything I want to say. In that short sentence, there’s a ton of silliness, a note of exuberance, and dare I say it an undertone that suggests that for many of us chocolate cake is a deeply erotic experience.

Oh My!



17 thoughts on “Pure Imagination: Choccywoccydoodah!!!!!”

  1. I LOVE that shop. I miss the solid white chocolate skulls they used to have – last time I went I wanted to buy one and they were all out, they only had frogs and rabbits! Their cakes are spectacular. Sometimes I just go on the website and drool…….!

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