New Year 1940s Blitz Party



Hussar a New Year!  I love the symbolic over the top cheesiness that comes with the simple thought that a particular day marks a new beginning. What day that is may be arbitrary but all that we humans make of it certainly isn’t. It’s a fantastic time for reflection, hope, and a bloody good party. Sadly the latter has not always been forthcoming in my life and I’ve had quite a few New Years that have been more than a tad lacklustre. Including one in which merriment was in short supply due to a funeral the previous day.  After the shear lunacy of 2016 I was hell bent on insuring that this time around that would not be the case. I am most pleased to inform you then, that in this my first endeavour of the year I was most successful, as I welcomed in 2017 with some aplomb at a 1940s Blitz party!!!


I adore this period of time, the fashion is super stylish and the music is divine. I also think that there is much to be learnt in the spirit of the age, a steady dogged determination that successfully saw people through one of the bleakest periods of history. Returning to the more fanciful side of life, the real stars of this party were all the partygoers themselves. So much effort had been put into the costumes and the result was that one genuinely felt transported back into the past (minus the smart phones). In all seriousness though it was incredible and everyone looked amazing. Throw in a marvellous live band and a few good cocktails and a spectacular result was assured.  Sadly it took a good while for me to get into the dancing. Over the previous days I had allowed some halfwit to talk me into some running. As a result I initially could barely walk, let alone boogie. Nevertheless with the aid of cajoling from my friends I did eventually get my legs grooving and promptly got lost in the moment.  And that was that…

Finally let me wish you dear reader a most spectacular New Year, filled with adventure, friends, and random acts of kindness.


10 thoughts on “New Year 1940s Blitz Party”

  1. Sounds like a classy and absolutely FUN way to ring in the New Year! Good on ya, mate! Happy New Year! 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed your tale and thank you for your good wishes! May 2017 be a year of more of your dreams conceived and fulfilled. 🙂

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