A Magical Escape! The Harry Potter Studio Tour


I like to think that all of us at some point each day wish to capture that incredible sense of wonder that somehow was always present during one’s childhood. The sense, that if you put your mind to it anything is possible. The feeling, that on the whole life is unquestionably good. The foolhardy bravado by which one entered into every endeavour, ‘when I grow up I’m going to be a guitar playing rock star, astronaut, vet’. And last but by no means least the fact that the vast majority of things seemed to quote Mr Spock ‘Fascinating’. In this setting where the most mundane of things are so alive, one finds that a good story is positively spellbinding. Last week I got reacquainted with my childhood sense of wonder with a trip to the Harry Potter Studio’s.


It was blooming obvious that I was going to love this experience but even I was taken aback by how much I loved it. It was truly a wonder to my mind to suddenly and somewhat inexplicably find myself standing in the great hall of Hogwarts. I was literally walking through a museum of a place I had imagined a bazillion times as a child. I was giddy with joy but more than that, I felt shivers going down my spine as my brain miraculously converted so many fond and long forgotten memories into a single moment. It was quite simply special.


As one went round the studio one got a sense of the incredible effort and work that went into each set. It was amazing to behold such delightful craftsmanship that in some cases were only on screen for a few minutes and yet had no doubt taken many hours to create. In the films these props were like sand mandalas that had gone unnoticed by me. To think that all these dazzling designs had come about due to one person who was delayed on a train scribbling down an idea, truly is a wonder. The fact that so much joy resulted for so many people after is something one does not want to find a word for.


Unfortunately at the end of this article, I must allow a little cynicism to intrude, and that is by imparting a brief warning that the people selling this experience know they have a bottle of liquid luck on their hands. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the prices are exorbitant but they are very pricey, a packed lunch is a must.  However I think if you’re a fan then it really will be an experience you’ll always treasure. I remember when I saw the last Harry Potter film, at the end a complete stranger behind me said in a sombre voice ‘there goes my childhood’. The words really resonated with me at the time, but the fact is you can always pop back if you want.


28 thoughts on “A Magical Escape! The Harry Potter Studio Tour”

  1. Hi! Your post was great fun to read, and as soon as I saw the title, I was in! Haha! Even though I was a mother with young children, when the first Harry Potter book appeared, it wasn’t too long before my four children and I were enthusiastic fans and looked forward with great glee to subsequent books and also the movies. However, we did it a little differently from our usual reading at the time, because from the moment I had opened the first page of the first book, I felt that child-like wonder and fun and suggested to them that I would read the story aloud. I wanted to audibly inflect that fun, surprise, and wonder that I was feeling. This wasn’t the first time really, because I had ALWAYS been reading aloud to them, but once they reached a certain age and were reading on their own, naturally, there wasn’t as much of that “snuggling all on the couch or on one of the beds and listening to a story together.” It became our daily ritual again. And we embraced this richly creative imaginary world together. Thankfully for J.K. Rowling’s extensively created Harry Potter world, we were assured of a lengthy and satisfying reading experience. Wonderful memories! And referring to what you said, it felt a bit like childhood revisited. 🙂 Perhaps some day we shall have the opportunity to go see the Harry Potter studio tour! 🙂 On a different note….thank you also for visiting my blog. If you hadn’t, I may never have seen this post!

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  2. Thank you for this! I am the biggest Harry Potter nerd, and I loved your post! I think that I have read all the HP books each at least 10 times….

    Thanks for sharing your experience!



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  3. First of all, I have to comment on the name of your blog. You had me at whiskey, but London is a nice touch as well!

    I’ve never been to the set of Harry Potter, but I went to the Wizarding World last year and I can relate to your sense of childlike awe despite having never read the books as a child. I think part of that is just owing to the wonderful world J.K. created. It truly is… magical.

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    1. A fellow Whiskey Enthusiast Hussar! Thanks for the positive feedback on my blog name, I wasn’t too sure about it when I chose it. Also I must say that the Wizarding World at orlando looks equally if not more fantabulous, I hope one day I get to see it.


      1. What’s your favorite whiskey so far?

        The Wizarding World is pretty fabulous. I’m more than a little excited to again this year; the fact that it’s in Florida only makes it even more delightful!

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  4. Love this. The boys (my BF & his son) are constantly bugging me to watch ALL of the Harry Potter Series (I’ve seen a few) – but truth be told, if I could go HERE instead, that would be my fun. As an event planner/diy prop person, these are the kinds of places I would consider. Thanks for giving me a preview.

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  5. No doubt that experiences like this will be expensive but I guess it’s ok because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It isn’t an event that we will be repeating a few times a year 🙂 Glad that you had a great time!

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    1. The tickets were in line with other major tourist attractions at £35, which is definitely pricey but I wouldn’t say outrageous. It was more the £4 for a tiny cup of butter beer that I felt was a bit much. If you’re a Harry Potter fan I wouldn’t let it put you off though, as I really did have a magnificent time and I really was blown away by how much effort the designers put into every little detail of the film.

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